Friday, March 9, 2012

Robin loves drawing

Robin is constantly drawing. Most of the time she's drawing the letter "R" and singing the tune in The Letter Factory"  ("The A says Ah! The B says B-B-B-B!  The C says cuh!  And the D says duh!") I showed her how to write an "R" for Robin a while back - one big line, one circle, one little line - and it stuck.  This is a drawing of some letters and some people.  Only she knows which is which. But it's the family at the playground.  


Shannon said...

My dad took time with my brothers and me each night when we were young and he would draw a series of objects and we were supposed to duplicate. Then we would go ask mom to guess which ones dad did and which ones we did. We're actually all really good drawers to this day. I directly attribute that to Dad giving us the early start. Drawing is a cool interest to foster.

Dr. A said...

Shannon, there's TONS of evidence that what your dad did helped you in many, many ways, other than just developing a love of drawing. Your dad is cool.