Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kitchen Remodel Week 6

Yesterday morning, a truck pulled up with two slabs of granite.  I had no idea these things were so big and so heavy.  With all these 6 men, they could barely inch it onto the ground: 

They quickly set up shop in our driveway and made all the cuts on-site, measuring, trimming, polishing as they went.

This is the piece for the island.  It's nearly the entire slab, and actually we have a much shorter overhang on the breakfast bar because the stone was not as big as we thought. It took every ounce of strength these guys had to move it.


How it looks now:

Getting there.  We haven't really seen how the colors look yet because all the power tools the men used burnt out a circuit in our house.  The lights don't work in the kitchen, laundry, bathroom, and each bedroom.  But the plugs do so we still have some light.  That will be fixed tomorrow.

You  can note that the cooktop is in, as is the microwave, although the microwave must be chinched about 1/8 inch to the left as the right side cabinets cannot open without crashing into it.

Still left: a dab of painting, appliances, faucet, flooring, baseboard. They are hoping to be done on Friday, but we'll see.  It is close.