Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Wild Saturday Night

Brian had a daddy-girl date night with some other dad/daughter friends, so I had the night to myself.  I had a sushi date with a friend but she called in sick earlier in the day, her voice at a whisper.  So I took myself out to sushi.  I took my current reading, a requirement to become an LLL Leader which I am in-process. And between bites of some meltingly amazing nigiri and sips of mediocre sake, I ended up bawling.  Why?  I read up on a section of initiating nursing after a difficult birth.  Really?  Really.  I'm going to cry over this? Guess it reenforced that I'm doing appropriate volunteer work with LaLeche.

I cleared the air by coming home and watching Caddyshack and Spies Like Us off Amazon prime (free baby!) I was kinda bored by the first but enjoyed the second so much I watched it half-way through again when Brian came home.


Kathleen said...

that is an awesome Saturday night!!!

lorien_i said...

I find my iPhone makes an unbelievably cool tiny computer; what I used to dream about having. Too bad it actually makes a kinda crappy phone... I miss having a keypad I can feel with my thumb. Overall, though, I'd say it's a win!