Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lil' Mama

Erin doesn't really realize it but she loves to play Mommy.  She loves nursing all manner of stuffed animals.  She's told me I'm a grandma because she has a baby Mousie Mouse and Pinkey Pink. (We are totally uncreative with animal names here.)  She pats and shussh's her lovies to sleep.  And she's taken to stuffing them down her shirt and walking around.

Well, she needed her own baby carrier.  So a bit of leftover fabric and a few minutes with a sewing machine:

lil' babywearer

Erin soothes her baby whale

I probably should have looked up a pattern because this sling has some serious flaws and would never come close to being OK for a real baby. But Whaley Whale likes it just fine.


Christie said...

Well, if the sling fits the whaley whale, use it.

(We're fans of the -ie and -ey endings added to words for naming purposes, too.) Have you checked out Cat the Cat, Who is That? by Mo Willems?

Christina said...

What a darling girl! kisses to her!!

amycs said...

I'm too lazy to sew so I just tie small blanket across my girls' back when they want to carry their babies.