Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More Erin Art

I'm just fascinated at how Erin is expressing her view of the world.

This, depending on her mood, is explained as a rainbow and gold left by the little elves, or the planets.  And she'll tell you which one is Mars (the red one) and which one is Jupiter and which one is Earth, and which one is. . .

planets or rainbow'

Then there's this:


Which is her bones as seen by an x-ray.  The x-ray is on the left, the "window" of chalk smudge.

This is interesting as I try to see into the mind of my little sparkle girl. She can draw a person, quite well, when she wishes. She doesn't normally choose to. I look at the drawings by the other kids and there's the big head, minimal facial features, stick arms/legs, fingers, toes, sometimes a body mostly not. And there's this.  What I've learned is if I ask Erin the right questions she can point out to me what she intended - often accentuating the feature she's focused on.  Big tummy for when she has a bonk there, eyes when she's thinking about looking at something, etc.  Her vision is truly her own.

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