Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Big family outing......

As in big outing, with the family.

Last Saturday we had an Adventure day.  We started with a hike up Vollmer peak in Tilden Park, atop the Berkeley hills.


Cool hand Robin

Then we went to the Berkeley Marina to picnic with some chums and let the kids run wild and free.  First we hit the plain playground. Then we went here.  Really, places where kids can freely wield hammers, saws, paintpots, awls, and vice grips should be the norm.

Erin wields a hammer

Erin wields a saw

Admission to this wondrous, imaginative playground?  Free.  Well, Erin had to do some chores to earn her tools: pick up stray nails or large splinters and the like.

This playground is #1!

Even Robin agreed it was #1 cool.


Kathleen said...

those pics are AWSOME

Mary said...

Looks great! Caroline was just saying how jealous she is of your weather right I am too!