Saturday, March 19, 2011

Little beasties have my baby

Booger fang

We had a good run, but Robin has finally come down with her first visit-to-the-doctor-to-get-prescribed-medicine cold. 11 days ago I took her in with weeping yuck oozing from both eyes, emerging over 12 hours. No ear infection, just eye drops needed.  A week of those cleared it up, but then a few days later the yuckies started coming back. Not as much as before, but still there. Friday (yesterday) just before the Dr's office closed, they ushered us in for another check. Yup. Ear infection in one ear. I wonder if it wasn't there before but the Dr who checked her said there was lots of wax and it was hard to see.

The Dr., all the staff, and all the good pharmacy folks commented that she seemed so chipper, happy, and good-natured for having an ear infection. But that's who she is.  Engaging, social, happy.

She was a bit under the weather today and was quite clingy, so I bet we caught this one at the beginning. But no doubt she'll be back to her chipper Wiggles and Giggles soon.


Christie said...

Dang. I was betting she'd make it to three with zero weeping yuck. Here's hoping the lil' one feels better as soon as possible.

Sharon and Matt said...

Hope you get better soon, Miss Robin!!!

Dr. Powell said...

We just went through our first sickness as well! We were basically idiots through the whole thing! You guys are so lucky to be on #2!
Hope she's feeling better!!

Positive Thoughts said...

Cute little angel. God bless you