Friday, March 25, 2011

Robin June 13 months

Robin started out her second year with lots of growth and change.

She's starting to walk and can make it half way across a room, unassisted. After which, she'll plop down on her bum and happily clap for herself.  She can talk about most things on her mind - points out birds, dogs, and cats, identifies shapes and objects, says "Please" and "Thank you".   She loves brushing her teeth, combing her "hair", and putting on her shoes.  She eats.  A lot.  And enjoys flavorful food.   No buttered noodles for this one - she prefers the meatballs, the palak paneer, the hummus, the miso soup.


She's fascinated with sorting things, stacking things, putting small things into boxes.  Water is a new obsession and she can sit at the sink for hours as long as Mama can tolerate playing with the dripping faucet.


Just like her sister, she loves books.  Loves them!  And can read for about 20-30 minutes at a time.  It's exciting to see what books turn her on - ones with animals, ones with babies, ones with flaps.  Goodnight Moon is, of course, a huge hit, as is anything by Sandra Boynton. And she'll always point out where the moon is.

Robin reads

She got her first bonafide cold, complete with conjunctivitis and an ear infection.  Lots of ooze coming from everywhere.  But she baffled the doctors office with her pleasant demeanor and her giggles as she enthusiastically waved "Hi."  Her curious nature could not be repressed by a mere cold, and she excitedly pointed to unfamiliar stuffed animals asking, "What's dat? What's dat?"

Robin sleeps in

She loves to accessorize and will put on any necklace in sight.
Famous baby

What a busy month!


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Love watching you grow, Miss Robin!!

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Love that last pic!!!
Also, what a great post!! She is so adorable, you guys!