Thursday, November 19, 2009

Silence, please. I'm concentrating.

Update on potty training: Erin is doing really well! She has a dry diaper most of the time, and lets people know, both at home and at school, if she needs to use the potty. She's diaper-free at home, either lady-Godiva style or in her Elmo skivvies. We even had one outing diaper-free two weekends ago and it went very well.

However, she's hung up on one thing. Well, two, to be more precise.

She will only poop standing up. It's very obvious when she's making her #2s: she stands very still and concentrates with a very serious face. Tonight, as she paused in her play to do her business, B asked, "Erin are you pooping?"

Erin held up one finger and commanded, "No! No talking, Dada!"

She then asked to use the potty. Waddling. Slowly. Observe:


MissMVK said...

It's all kinds of AWESOME that the word "fart" is in her everyday vocabulary. Seriously. She's going to be a great big sister!

Christina said...

Hilarious!!! The waddle is priceless. She is going to LOOOOOVE this when she is about 14!

Christie said...

Wow. Potty trained. Fart trained. Your kid is AWESOME.

Christie said...

Update: Henry is now asking directly for the "Erin poop" video.