Thursday, November 5, 2009

Erin M, M.D.

Erin inquires frequently into our health and well-being these days. Any loud bump/crash will bring a "Are you OK, Mommy? OK, Mommy?"

Then there's the band-aids. We've gone through many boxes lately. Here's the routine:

Erin: (opening up a band-aid) Got an ouchie, Mama?

Me: (trying to find anything that resembles a boo-boo. Moles, generally) Yes, sweetie. Right here.

Erin: (looking concerned) What happened?

Me: I touched the stove by accident. It was hot and I said, "Ouch!".

Erin: (smoothing band-aid over ouchie) Feel better, Mama. Feel better.

1 comment:

Christie said...

Is there a doctor in the house? Oh, wait, there a medical doctor in the house?