Sunday, November 8, 2009

Why? Because it's Sunday.

Cake: Yellow Cake from Better Homes cookbook
Frosting: Quick and Rich Dark Chocolate Frosting, America's Test Kitchen.

But really, I was trying out new silicone baking pans I picked up a couple of weeks ago. It was definitely a trial run. What I learned:
1. Do oil and flour the pans before putting your batter in. (A few bits stubbornly stuck to the pan.)
2. Do put both pans on cookie sheets for stability.
3. Do not crowd the pans together. (One side of one layer got smooshed.)
4. Do take the time to put little strips of parchment/wax paper under the cake while frosting. Messy frosting edges, while fun to clean with your fingers, probably should be avoided.

Although a bit lopsided, nothing beats chocolate cake. Looks aren't everything in life.


Christie said...

Cake, the perfect Sunday accompaniment.

Amber said...

Yellow cake with chocolate frosting is my all-time favorite. Especially when baked for research purposes like this one clearly was.