Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

For Erin's second Halloween, Grammy, Papa and Uncle Heath came over to go trick-or-treating. After warming our bellies with a chicken stew with biscuit dinner, we headed out. Erin had the choice between a cheerleader or a Fraulein. Since she'd been cheering all week, she decided everyone loves a German girl.

Note the already chocolate-smeared face.

After a the first few shy houses, she soon gained her confidence and dragged Brian by the hand, saying, "This house, Daddy, TRICK OR TREAT!!!".

The neighborhood teemed with small children and their grown-up escorts. Brian and Dr. A were just about the only parents not in costume. That'll learn us.

I predict next year she'll be wise to our pilfering of her treat basket.


Christina said...

Everyone DOES love a german girl!!! She's got that one down! That little dirndl is the cutest thing EVER!! Much cuter than any one I ever had, sadly since I suspect she will not be FORCED to wear it as I was.
Unheilmich Süß Erin! Deine Tante Tina ist sehr stolz!

Dr. A said...

Stina, it gets better. Not only did she get really into passing out pretend "big pretzels" but my mom got her to say, "Danke schön!" after getting the candy.

Annie Powell, not yet PhD said...

What a cutie!!! Love this!!!

Christie said...

Guten tag, Fraulein Erin! Wie geht's? (And thus ended the commenter's German spiel.)

Glad to see we're not the only parents stealing our kids' candy.

Christina said...

OMG. I am tearing up a bit. That is just SO CUTE!!!! I will have to show this to my mom!

Kathleen said...

not in costume?!!! I hope you at least carried around adult beverages in plastic cups, like the parents in my friends' neighborhood.

Dr. A said...

Kathleen, all the other adults had their road sodas.... we did not. We'll be much more prepared next halloween!!