Friday, February 13, 2009

On the Food Affinities of Beer

On the way to work this morning, Ms. A and I were trying to figure out where to go for dinner tonight. We were debating between two brewpubs. Here's the scene:

Me: "Man, but you know what would go good with beer? A nice burger." (I hold up my hand in a 'C' shape, miming a nice big burger)
Ms. A: "Yeah, but I don't think the first place has burgers. It's a pizza place."
Me: "Hm, bummer. Well, what else goes good with beer?"
Ms. A: "Everything."


John Judy said...

I heart Ashley.

Ms. A said...

I just love the fact that the only place we go out to eat now that we have a kid - brewpubs.

Amber said...

No real surprise. The whole draw of a brewpub is that they something for everyone! That reminds me, I'm hungry.

Christie said...

Beer-drinking folk are super tolerant of babies because not only are they drinking beer but also, there is usually pizza.