Sunday, February 8, 2009

Public Health Announcement

Grandma McMiller sent this article. So we thought we'd give our kid a "leg up" in the immune system department and let her drink out of mud-and-worm filled puddles.


Puddles are innately fun. If you listen closely, you can hear Brian giggling in the background.


Sara said...

I read that article! Looks like we all need to get intimate with some farm animals to be healthier.

John Judy said...

Meh, I shared dog food with my dogs and ate dirt and I turned out just fine.


Christie said...

Waiter, I'll have a bowl of muddy water with a side of worms, please.

MissMVK said...

We read that article too and it's rocking my inner clean freak's world. We have a dog so that must count for something! Apparently we also need two cats though. :) Hilarious video!

Christina said...

I love that she is all pink and fancy- playing in a dirty puddle! It actually looks kind of fun! Maybe I will put on a pink dress and come splash with her :)

Kathleen said...


that was a great article. I think of myself as pretty laid back and definitely not a clean freak, but it was rocking my world with all that worm talk.