Saturday, February 21, 2009

Shhh.. don't tell Daddy!

Brian is off doing his first 50K run (wow!) So Erin and I have had a fun day doing all the things we're not supposed to do.

Dipping our bacon in orange juice..... (why did I not think of this before?!)

Eating our bacon on the "good" carpet (the one with fewest stains) while watching Sesame Street.

But we'll clean up after ourselves so he'll never know. 

 You won't tell, will you? 


JandC said...

Our seals are lipped!!!

Love, Grandma & Grandpa McFeely

Christie said...

"Seal up your lips and give no words but mum." Couldn't have said it better than Shakespeare. (Did you know this is the origin of the phrase 'mum's the word"? And also, is it just me or does Miss E.B. look like a bona fide toddler going on fifteen in pic #2?

Mary said...

Brian = crazy
Your day at home looks like much more fun!

Kathleen said...

LOL - definitely my kind of day!