Saturday, February 7, 2009

Baby Date by Erin

Mom and Dad said Henry was coming over for a date. I was very excited. 

Henry was not so sure about the whole thing. 

I got to show him my favorite toys.

Then we went to take a (chaperoned) walk.  He helped me with my coat.  His coat is neat because it has space aliens on it. 

We rode in the wagon to pick up dinner

Then we ate yummy fettucini alfredo. It kind of tasted like my favorite, Mac and Cheese.  

I had to go to bed before Henry's parents came to get him.  I had too much fun and got tired. I hope Henry's parents will go on more dates!


Christie said...

Henry's parents hope to go on more dates as well. Henry came home and went right to sleep himself. He was super tired and über happy from playing so much with his BGFF Miss Erin B.

JandC said...

What a lovely date! Did he ask her out again?

Amber said...

That wagon was made for the two of them... it's like their own little carriage! :)