Thursday, May 1, 2008

Name Game

(warning: Slightly PG13 post)

Background: To determine your porn star name take 1. the name of your first pet and 2. the name of the street you grew up on.

Ms. A: So my  name would then be "Thumper Leslie."  How about yours?

Mr. B: Um... "Pepper Northdale."

Ms. A: That's pretty good.  (looking at Erin)  Hers would then be "Steve Stephens."

Mr. B: Sounds like a porn star on Masterpiece Theater.

Ms A: I'm OK with that.


Darren said...

Roxy Victory

ooohh yeah... Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka

Deanne said...

Oh, yeah . . . I've played this game before. :P Mine is Tish Castleton, but Jonathan's takes the cake:

Bo Comanche. (

We decided it went best with a pair of cut-off jeans shorts. And some sort of large cowboy hat.

J&C said...

Chirpie Avenida Aprenda

Amber said...

What if you grew up on a number street like me? Should I just use the nearest cross-street?

And I like that E's names use both the v and the ph.

John Judy said...

A) Hilarious.
B) Mine sucks because I was a weird kid who lived in the sticks

Rope Route 3

Brian said...

Your first pet was a length of rope? Were you the kind of kid that wasn't allowed around animals? :)

John Judy said...

Yeah, I named my first dog "rope". I was a really weird kid.

Diane said...

Snowball Powder Puff Princess Queen Lane

D&L said...

Strangely enough, Steve Stevens is the conductor of the choir L was in as a wee lass. I always thought the name sounded like a TV weatherman's, or a really bad spy.

John Judy said...

Steve Stevens is also the name of a pretty decent guitar player. He has toured with Billy Idol and Vince Neil. He also played with and was in a video with Michael Jackson.

(queue music)

The more you know!

Christie said...

Ruffless Second

Mary said...

Worst porn star name ever would have to go to my brother Mitch:
Fritz Old Barn Road

Kathleen said...

I can't believe no one made a tranny porn joke?! I guess your folks do read & comment. That kind of shenanigans would not be tolerated on my blog. Filthbot keeps us in line over there.

feel free to not approve! xoxo

Brian said...

I always wondered why my off-color comments never make it to dilettante. :)

Anonymous said...

Sweet Violet Chicory

Mee Yow!

sorry - this is Sarah - can't remember my username and password. Maybe I should change to the above?