Saturday, May 17, 2008

Test drive of new vehicle, by Erin

I got to try out cool new wheels today.  I wasn't so sure about it at first.  Luckily I had many of my favorite toys with me. 
My helmet was a wee bit big but I was brave and didn't try to take it off.  The best thing was Dad was pulling me and I could look at Mom riding next to me. 

Well, actually the best thing is we stopped for ice cream half-way.  I really like ice cream.  This biking stuff is pretty fun!


J&C said...

Cute just got cuter. Go Erin!!

Diane said...

Who wouldn't love soft serve ice cream? Delicious! Has Erin tried the dip cone? My personal favorite.

Christie said...

Henry was so jealous when he heard you went riding that he threw a slight tantrum (is there such a thing?) which convinced his lame parents they should be taking him on a bike ride. And so we did.

John Judy said...

Next... Motorcycles. She could just about fit on a 250 Rebel right now.

Seriously though, I wish someone would wheel me around with an awesome helmet and all my toys and then buy me ice cream.

Brian said...

Sounds good to me. You're changing your own diaper, though, mister.

Mary said...

So much fun!!
Expect approximately 5,000 comments similar to Mr. Judy's this summer from random strangers and have your witty responses ready to go.