Friday, May 16, 2008

Movie Night!

Erin has acquired this really adorable laugh, like she thinks something is really, really funny.

Erin's current life goal is to put absolutely everything in her mouth.  Here's a movie where she eats the camera.  Pretty damned cute. 

Erin looooves cheese.  This next movie is rated Grandparents Only.  In this flick, Erin eats the afore-mentioned cheese. 


Ms. A said...

Attention, dear readers:

A small prize will be awarded to whomever can correctly identify the background noise in either of the first two movies.

Ms. A said...

Amendment: whomever first identifies the background noise.

Amy said...

Breast pump?

Brian said...

Holyyyy crap, Amy. Nice going! It is indeed the smooth, calming rhythm of the breast pump. Double barrelled, too.

Just email us to let us know exactly which Amy this is, and Ash will send over the Very Exciting Prize.

Well done!

Amber said...

Grandparents Only? Nonsense! Who doesn't love to watch a baby eat cheese?

You've got a cutie on your hands over there!

Christie said...

She's adorable, for sure. I, too, am a fan of the baby eating camera shots. Very cute indeed.

J&C said...

We grandparents think videos of her just breathing are phenomenal!!! Makes you just want to leap through the computer and hug her!!!

By the way, I recognized that sound in the first video right away!!!