Wednesday, April 23, 2008


This illustrates a favorite game of Erin's.  Here's how it's played: 
1. Investigate container of toys.  
2. Remove toys individually.
3. Play with individual toy for 10"-5'.
4. Drop toy on lap and ignore.
5. Repeat 1-4 until (a) box is empty or (b) toys remaining in box are no longer within reach of infant-sized arms.


Amber said...

Let me guess... is the paper towel roll her very favorite "toy" of the bunch? Josie's had an empty Ritz box from November that she absolutely loves.

Brian said...

Totally. She loves cardboard in all forms. All her other toys are jealous.

Christie said...

We have a similar game except I have to hold H by the basket because he hasn't mastered sitting yet.