Sunday, April 27, 2008


Someone was recently speculating what Brian would look like with an enormous mustache.  Well, here at McMillerPDX we aim to please. Brian has sported many facial hair styles over the years.  While a shining example of a REALLY huge mustache remains elusive, hopefully these will suffice. 
I love how his shirt nearly exactly matches the color of the ocean.  Brian's coordinated like that.
Long hair to accentuate the 'stash. Again, the attention to detail is remarkable.


Brian said...


The top picture was me preparing to go to a friend's wedding where all the boys planned on showing up with mustaches. We all did -- it was pretty outstanding. My 'stache, not so outstanding. Sad. If anyone has a photo they could send me of the rainbow of mustaches that weekend, I'd appreciate it.

The bottom picture is me at a friend's "white trash" party. Let's just say I'm white, and I got trashed. Heyo! Now, before you say, "Brian, how can I grow such an awesome white trash moustache? ", I have to admit to you that that 'stache is fake -- if I remember correctly it's clippings from my head hair with (as Ashleigh is just recalling for me) wood glue. Yup, wood glue. Just a little beauty tip from me to you.

J&C said...

Well, the top one looks like some handsome guy from a PBS special. The second one, hmmmmm, perhaps some B movie!! So, does this mean that there will be more pictures?? As you mother, and completely unbiased (!!!), I think you look handsome in both.

Christie said...

There is much laughter but those of us over at the condo are speechless.

Christina said...