Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Poison Bottle Update

So I freaked out my coworker who has two small boys and used the same bottles mentioned in the previous post.   She contacted friends in Europe who informed her the Avent bottles (and other BPA containing bottles) are not banned in Europe, as I'd read on some sites.  She found this and this.  The first, compiled by, as far as I can tell, a completely independent source brings up some good points about how rodent models may be inappropriate for testing BPA exposure.  The second is from a website sponsored by the Polycarbonate/BPA global group.  Might not be the most unbiased information source around. 

Either way, we've switched bottles 'cause dangerous exposure or not the milk in those bottles smelled & tasted awful. Here's what manufacturer of the offending bottles has to say.


Amber said...

This whole thing is so disturbing! I've been searching for a link I had to some cool non-plastic kids' foodware (I know that's not a real word but I'm drawing a blank: bottles, plates, bowls, etc.) but no luck so far. I'll pass it along if it turns up.

Mary said...

Lead paint, phthalates, toxic cleaning supplies, vaccinations....always a new danger. It can be overwhelming & stressful. I think the best option is to put them in a bubble. Unfortunately, I think most of those are made of plastic, too.

And, who BUT Dave would you have taste your milk? What do people who don't know Dave do in such a situation?

Zozopdx said...

apparently they slowly poison their babies. thank goodness for Dave. we're going to switch out our bottles, too! whereas Dave will eat anything, only the best, non-poisonous bottles go to our daughter!

Christie said...

I think it's great we have the FDA and then I think of all of the times they rush things through and tell the general public stuff is safe only to backtrack later and say, "Whoops, my bad. Turns out <insert item here> DOES cause cancer. Who knew?"