Friday, April 4, 2008

She's Irish-American, right?

Story time.

So, we're at dinner tonight - we've gone out rather than ordered in. This is a big event because we've gone out to dinner maybe two other times since Erin has been born. We're at a Balkan place called Two Brothers, a new place for us. Everything is going swimmingly. Then the food arrives.

Erin becomes transfixed. She's been carefully watching us eat for a few weeks now but now she's serious. She reaches. She turns to mom. She turns to the food. Mom picks up a fry, cools it off and holds it to her mouth for a taste. We've offered food before; she has always just stuck out her tongue for a taste. Not this time. She opened up, slowly closing her mouth on the fry. She gnawed a bit off. She chewed. (when did she learn how to chew?) She swallowed, coughing a bit, then went for seconds. She proceeded to eat every bit we gave her.

Yes, baby's first food is French fried potato.

We will be giving her "real" baby food tomorrow.


Christie said...

It never occurred to me but OF COURSE baby's first food should be french fries. There is no better introduction to our cuisine. We were thinking of having a first foods night for Henry on the 19th, care to join us?

Amber said...

That's awesome. Josie would be so jealous to know that Erin got her first fry at 5 months (she's quite fond of them herself). I hope she's not too disappointed tomorrow, after such a tasty introduction to food!

Darren said...

Couldn't have picked a better food. Get her hooked on her veggies! Oh, and congratulations E!

Ms. A said...

Although E is 5.5 months, she was born late. If she were born on her due date she'd be 6 months old. Am I just trying to justify myself here?

Amy said...

French fries first? That's like flying first class and then flying coach! She may just spit those strained peas back out and say her first words: "I want french fries!" You may need to puree some fries.

No need for justification. 6 months is just a recommendation. Being a genius baby, E is advanced and clearly ready to have more tastes than metallic flavored bottled breast milk.