Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dude... seriously, where did she learn to eat?

So, tonight we fed Erin some oatmeal. Holy crap -- she ate like a pro.

She was like, "Oh, yeah? Bring it on! OK, lemme show you how this is done, rookie. I'll walk you through it. Spoon to my mouth. Now. Let's not dawdle."

I think the whole episode was over in two minutes. Erin meant business, and something like 95% of the food made it into her belly.

I expected the usual image of babies being fed -- food everywhere, food all over the face and floor.

Not Erin. Erin made every effort to ensure no food went to waste. At one point between me getting spoonfuls from the bowl she actually brought her shirt up to her mouth so that a blob of oatmeal would not go to waste.

That's my girl.


J&C said...

I think the apple does not fall from the tree. love, mom

John Judy said...

OK, I admit it. When you're asleep, I creep into your house to give your daughter eating lessons. It's my gift, and I feel an obligation to pass it on to the next generation.

Brian said...

Of course! I figured it was either John Judy or Santa. Now I know. I guess it should have been obvious to me from the start.

Zozopdx said...

let us know when she's ready for eggs benedict!

Christie said...

Erin is a super advanced baby, I swear. We tried to give Henry some French fries - excuse me, "freedom fries" - the other night and he could not have been more disinterested. Seriously. French fries.

Clearly, my baby was switched at birth. No kid of mine could dislike fries.

Congrats on the new foods, Miss E.B. :)