Friday, April 25, 2008

Arthur Joseph Miller, Sr.

Dear Erin,

You were a very lucky girl when you were born. All your grandparents and two full sets of great-grandparents were here to welcome you. This picture is of you and your great-Grandpa Miller; your mom called him Gramps.

Gramps loved hot dogs and Sees candy. He fought in WWII and was very proud of it. He married his sweetheart and loved her his whole life. They were always holding hands, and would always touch each other tenderly.

He would pick your mom up sometimes from school when she was little and drive her home, always asking how her day was. He was good at listening to her little-girl issues and giving advice. He told great jokes. He had elaborate model train sets and spent a great deal of time smoking his pipe and setting them up. They were fun to watch. He enjoyed a cold glass of Coca-Cola.

You mom bought her first car from Gramps. Six months later she found a small cheesecloth bag of old tobacco under the drivers seat. Gramps explained this is used to clean windows so they fog up less. He had lots of tricks like that.

Gramps and your Grandpa had the same name: Arthur Joseph Miller. This made it amusing sometimes when Gramps' old army buddies would call up and leave cryptic messages, "Is this the home of the 300 lb canary?". Your mom proudly has the same initials, AJM.

You won't remember it but you got to meet him when you were 2 1/2 months old, and again when you were 6 months old. He loved meeting you. You were his first great-grandchild. Your mom is very, very happy you got to meet him before he left this world.

Love, Mom


John Judy said...


That was nice.

Ms. A said...

He was nice.

ALS said...

Hello McMillers, I've started blog-stalking you courtesy of the bigdutchbaby. What a beautiful letter that was.

And, as if it needs saying, Erin is absolutely adorable.

x Anna-Lisa

Lucca Blue Del Frate said...

me too with the *sniff*.
lovely. i'm sorry he's gone, and glad erin got to meet him.

Zozopdx said...

Goodness gracious, grandparents and great-grandparents are special.

Mary said...

I was so sorry to hear about the loss of your gramps, Ash. That was a beautiful tribute. He sounds like a wonderful man.

Diane said...

My thoughts are with you all - Erin is so lucky to have met your gramps.

Kathleen said...

condolences Ash. lovely post.

Christina said...

I am very sorry Smash for your loss. What a lovely collection of memories for Erin- she has an amazing and wonderful family. I remember that car fondly :)

Ownah said...

You write very well.