Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Brian: Man, she really looks like Uncle Dave in this picture.

Ms. A:  Um, so don't you  mean she really looks like you?

Brian: Oh. Hm. Yeah.  I guess that's right. 


Ms. A said...

Yes, she really does spend her life in the bouncer.

D&L said...

Strangely, I think she looks a lot like a little bit of B and a little bit of A. Especially when she makes her "breaking of the wind" face.

Zatoichi said...

How about a little bit of B, a whole lot of a little bit of D and a little bit of A.

That's one complex formula for one cute baby in a bouncer.

Kathleen said...


I love the Glare of Doom she is giving the camera. It's like she's is testing out her telekinetic powers.