Tuesday, January 1, 2008

That's So 2007

Ahhhhh good friends, delicious pork cassoulet, decadent cookies, hot melty cheese goodness, sparkling wine, and 2 of 3 children well-behaved. What better way to end a year and begin anew? Many thanks to Mr. & Mrs. B for ever gracious hospitality. Of course celebraing NYE with three children whose collective ages sum to less than 5 years, midnight was observed East-Coast time, thus ensuring an appropriate bedtime for everyone involved.

Some highlights from the evening:
  • Miss L and handsome young Master A fawned over Lil' E, carefully inspecting her toys, helpfully handing them one by one to her, and never became concerned at her eventual fatigue-induced wails.
  • Miss L enjoyed a chocolate chocolate chip cookie so much she attempted to feed it to the on-screen Linus on the video of "A Charlie Brown Christmas."
  • Mrs. B enjoyed libations, as she is free from obligation to provide nutrition for a small person.
  • The Misters B made some darned good libations.


Kathleen said...

Happy 2008! I only got 1/3 of my cards out, and I don't remember who I sent them too. Dilettante, indeed.

sounds like a great party, and I LOVE that first picture, it is so cool. XOXO - KB

John Judy said...

I wish I would have partied like you guys.

I got beat up by a floor.

I hate floors.