Sunday, January 13, 2008


Nearly three months since the McMiller household became N+1 and we finally did it! We went out for the night, sans Erin. Many thanks to the brave Ms. C who looked into the eyes of the growly bear and only saw a cuddle bug. Yes, Lil' E was on her best behavior for her Auntie T. They played, they talked, there was even multiple books read, whereupon both Ms. E and Auntie T fell asleep in the rocker. It was a great night for everyone involved.

Mom & Dad partied like rock stars at the TW company holiday party. As hard as rock stars can party and be home by 10:30. Watch out, all those who are on the "sitters" list - we're ready!


Adorable Girlfriend said...

What a cute, cute, cute baby!

(I linked from Kathleen in Oakland's site.)

Kathleen said...

I am sure Sigur Ros gets home by 10pm.