Sunday, January 13, 2008

Auditioning for Brünnhilde

Dateline Portland, 1:30am Friday.  

In the pitch black of night, I hear this really creepy sound coming from Erin in her crib.  Yeesh! Can she be possessed?  Surely she's too young to be possessed, right?

Well, it turns out our little lady was quite awake and luckily quite in control of her soul.  So, we turned the lights on, hung out with her, and let her stomp her little legs into my chest for about fifteen minutes (doing the baby equivalent of running around the block so that she tired herself out).  She continued making this completely new sound.

Before that night, she'd coo and say "ah goo" like a pro, but this was really different.  She loves to talk this way now.  It's like she's listening to herself, trying to work out how her tongue shapes sound.  Hear for yourself in the clip below, see how our little soprano is doing.  

I don't think The Ring Cycle is being staged in Portland any time soon, but that will just give her more time to perfect her pitch.  I can just see it now at daycare:  "Was she classically trained?" "Oh, yes, yes, very."


Caroline said...

oh, she's definitely projecting her tone into her mask well--very resonant! it sounds really supported. not sure if she's more lyric or coloratura--really too early to tell. we should watch and let it develop more. but really, Wagner seems a but premature; maybe start her with some nice lieder. don't want to strain her voice. oh, and the cuteness is increasing exponentially.

John Judy said...

I love the pause at 33 seconds "Sigh... let me try it again... in terms your plebs can understand".

Kathleen said...

she's pretty good, but I still prefer Surreal Neil.

too bad sequins aren't baby friendly...

Anonymous said...

I cuted out so hard on this I almost wanted to get me another one. Almost.