Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Siblings Visit

Alternate Title: Those Siblings Who Can Easily Travel Because They Currently Do Not Have Children Visit

So, we had a great visit last weekend with Sharon, Matt, David, and Linnea.

They stayed that the Travelodge out on 82nd Avenue, which Sharon and Matt report was a great place for a great price on Friday but which they and David and Linnea described as "the crack hotel" after spending Saturday night. I think the whole thing hinged upon the simple fact that David and Linnea were pissed because the night they were there the hotel ran out of doughnuts in the morning. Please note the review half way down this page.

Anywho, Saturday we took a walk in the park, went to Saturday Market, checked out the waterfront, then came home for fajitas and, most importantly for Ashleigh, cervezas. Then, I had an opportunity to show Dave (using our new super-duper Tivo technology) why 30 Rock is vastly superior to Scrubs.

Sunday morning we went over to Drew's to watch him prepare to brew some beer with Josh, then we hit a fancy lunch at Zupan's with Mark and Erik. Cupcakes were had from Saint Cupcake, and then the party had to go their separate ways.

Big weekend. Good weekend.


Darren said...

+1 on the 30 rock. I'm glad you got to show him what is, IMHO, the first really great episode this season. Edie Falco is just wonderful.

And Pete is back. I missed Pete. although he pop tart thing was hill-hairy-ass.

Boy, am I tired.

Christina said...

Wonderful picture! So nice to Sharon!!! Erin is a lucky little PhD princess in karate with all those fabulous aunts and uncles!