Saturday, November 17, 2007

Grandma McFeely Visits

Two weeks ago Grandma McFeely was here to kindly help out. There was cooking, there was cleaning, there was great conversation, and, of course, there was walking Erin around at midnight while Erin spends hours trying to break the world record for baby decibel level:

Grandma Carol: "Erin, Erin, why are you crying? What's wrong?"
Pappa Brian: "You sure you don't want earplugs, Mom? They sure help."

(As you can see from the above exchange, I've sort of decided I have to sort of steel myself during these colicky periods. These plaintive cries would kill a softer man. On a good note, life with Erin has been so much better the past week or so. Keep your fingers crossed!)

The week with Mom went great. We ate great (I mean, just check out the great spread in the pic above), the ladies had a fun time together, and, as a nice bonus, the weather was pleasant. We were fortunate to be able to have my mom spend this time with us. Yay, family!

And, props to my dad for giving my mom the opportunity to come up solo. OK, Dad, you're next!

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