Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Millers Visit

Week 3 of Erin's life featured a visit by Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Heath Miller. Their presence was invaluable. For six nights and days we were fed, laundered, vacuumed, dusted, tidied, napped, and much more thanks to them. Highlights included Erin's first bottle, Erin's 2-week doctor's office visit, and the eternally memorable Erin's first trip to Costco. Plus they brought some choice movies such as "Runaway Jury", "Thirteen Days", and "Young Frankenstein." We enjoyed their company, greatly apprappreciated their assistance and had a great time.

Let's hear it for family!


christie said...

How'd Erin do with the bottle?

Ms. A said...

She was a little confused at first, but then she sort of resigned herself: "ok, food, I like this.".