Thursday, November 29, 2007

Chocolate's not just for breakfast.

Lil' E and Ms. A met Christie and Henry (pictured) at Via Delizia for "lunch" today. Yes, gelato, mochas, hot chocolates, and chocolate cake count as lunch. Must say the gelato was perfect - creamy, no traces of ice, perfectly smooth with balanced flavors. The cake enjoyed by Christie appeared wonderfully gooey and very attractive complete with a sugar monkey. While not sampled by our table, the panini looked very fresh, flavorful, and reasonably priced. The comfortable environment made for a great visit - we were free to chat, take our time, enjoy the afternoon. And since both the little 'uns had lunch as well, the establishment is very breast-feeding friendly. But then again, this is Portland.


christie said...

I'm thinking we should just plan on hitting a new dessert place every other week or so until we go through all of them. Think of the positive - gets us out of the house, exposes baby to new people and places, allows us to eat dessert...

Anonymous said...

Do it now!! I wish I had gone out more when the little guy was a tiny (relatively immobile) nubbin.
Big congratulations to all three of you! Erin's a beauty!!!
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