Friday, November 16, 2007

I like it raw.

Mmmmmm... sushi. One of the things I greatly missed while pregnant. That and delicious, hoppy beer. So a few nights ago we splurged and spent half of our generous Delivered Dish gift certificate (thank you, Tripwire!) on a sushi feast from some local purveyor. My was it delicious. The salmon had just that buttery sweetness, the spicy tuna was creamy, zesty, crisp. And then I didn't taste the rest but ate it over the next two hours in stolen swallows. See, the critter (a.k.a. Erin, a.k.a Angry Badger) likes to have lots of attention in the evening hours, making mealtime more like prolonged snack time. But man it was delicious.

For those of you interested in reading a sharp op-ed piece on prohibition of sushi during pregnancy, I ask you to look at this NYT piece. The part that really hit home was the cultural insensitivity aspect. That never occurred to me. Still, I refrained because, well, it's so hard to get out of that guilt-laden, puritanical mindset of "no risk is too small".


christie said...

I always thought it was odd that we effectively banned all of these foods that you knew were being consumed by other pregnant ladies around the world.

When my brie craving kicked in I went with it. Thankfully, I could buy a wedge at the store, take it home, and consume it in private with nothing but my shame and guilt to keep me company.

Zatoichi said...

Great article, great blog. Good sushi. You have rendered it delicious through your adept use of language and poignant photographic skill.

Amygirl missed her sushi during pregnancy very much. The worst part, though, was the no chorizo. The chorizo prohibition is just plain inhuman.

Now we eat chorizo and sushi all the time. But never mix chorizo with sushi. That is an unholy mix.

Caroline said...

I am so jealous!!! let us know when you're ready to go out and leave the badger with us!