Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mom Trick: Free Fruit!!

The kids have their own snack shelf - I fill it with kid-friendly snacks and they can help themselves as they see fit. It also houses their plates and cups, with the hope they'll pour their own water and put their food on the plate.  Well, one can hope.

The drawback to the snack shelf is fresh fruit.  I don't trust my brain to check it every day, nor do the kids feel motivated every day to go grab something from there.


a simple solution we've found is the fruit bowl.  Placed on the low table on which the TV also sits, the fruit bowl is filled with 4-6 pieces of fruit in the morning. Most days it is empty by the evening.

Of course, if it's little apples or pears, I'll find half-eaten gifts all over the house.  But at least they're getting *some* fruit. 

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