Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

Erin woke at 6:30 - pretty standard.  We forewarned her she would cuddle in bed and watch shows on the iPad while we waited for Robin to wake up.

Robin woke. We scurried out to see what Santa had brought. Erin dove straight for the stocking, completely oblivious to the present in front with her name on it.

Stocking first.

"I Got Candy!!!!"

Robin saw her scooter and told Erin that she got a bike.  There was much excitement.

Then Erin wandered into the family room,  where the family presents were.  She started screaming, "Robin!!! Robin!!! Come here!!!  There's something really big!!!"

Doll House

My old doll house.  Complete with very 70's doll house furniture.

A good haul, all around.

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Kathleen said...

NICE!!!! merry xmas xoxo