Monday, September 24, 2012

Project: Pipe Cleaner Sight Words

I saw this idea on Pinterest (where else).  Set out a bunch of cards with sight words on them.  Put out a fist full of letter beads and some pipe cleaners.  Let the fun begin! 

Robin tested it out first for me. Her favorite letter is, of course "R" so she liked picking them out and lacing them on the pipe cleaners. 

I set out the invitation to Erin starting just with the letter beads and pipe cleaners.  She first made a bracelet with her name on it and some heart beads, for Brian to take when he goes to PDX so he can think of her. 

I then presented her with the list of 30 words they're working on in her kindergarten. (No, not all at the same time. They've covered about 5 so far.)  She got excited and tore through about 10 of them, reading the words with no problem and stringing the beads happily.  A good 15 minutes of focused activity! Then she said she was done.  I'd say it was a success! 

Robin enjoyed some more bead stringing and made a necklace. 

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