Monday, September 10, 2012

Craft: MACRAME!!!!

And you thought people stopped doing Macrame in the early '80's.

So, I found this idea on pinterest, and it was re-enforced through a kid craft book I found at the library.  So easy, and I think any kid about 4 or up can do it.

Take 2 pieces of long yarn, in complimentary colors (this is a good thing to let the child decide).   Fold them in half and tie a loop in the middle.  Tape the loop onto a firm surface.  We used a square plastic picnic plate, turned upside down. Tape down one of each color string to the bottom. Show the child how to make alternating knots.  For Erin here, the white color I showed her to make a "4", then loop the end under, and....

... pull up to make the knot.  The right side will make a "P" shaped loop.  She proudly told Dad that she was making him something full of "4's and P's".  He looked puzzled, but was encouraging. 

Step and repeat until it's long enough for a friendship bracelet.

OK, so Erin hasn't finished the project yet, but she will.  It's a present for Brian so SHHHHHHHH....

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Amber said...

That's what macramé is?! I had no clue. I always pictured it being more like paper mâché. Exactly like paper mâché now that I think about it. :)