Thursday, September 6, 2012

Erin Makes Meatballs

This was big.  In the world of Erin's cooking she's pretty adventurous, but the territory of raw meat has always been kinda off-limits, sorta sacred, and full of body warping germs. But today she got to do something dangerous.

Touch ground beef.

That's right, Erin made our meatballs tonight.

In an ongoing effort to expand Erin's acceptable menu, I encourage her to help make the food we're to eat.  The meatballs consisted of two of her favorite foods: beef (sometimes, and especially when prepared by Uncle Jim) and salt.  She mashed, she pulled, she rolled.  She ate 2 of 3.  So this was successful. 

But honestly, she ate the second one only because Brian pointed out they looked like asteroids and meteors.  Those were much more interesting to eat than plain old meatballs. 

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