Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Yesterday, Erin and Robin received a "Make Your Own Jellyfish" kit in the mail from their dear friend Henry.  This was awesome.  Super awesome.  

The kit: 1 balloon, 8-9 pieces of string, 10 or so pieces of tape (stuck on a laminate sheet, ingenious I tell you!) 

So simple, right.*  

1. You blow up the balloon. 

2. You tape on the tentacles. 
3. You bloop bloop the jellyfish. 

Oh, was there bloop blooping!  Blooping all over the house.  Blooping at each other.  Blooping in the bath.  Such a great activity!  Thanks, Ms. Christie, and Henry.

*OK, simple yes.  But still, like most Julia Child recipes there's lots of room for interpretation.  One: I did not blow up the balloons nearly as much as Ms. Christie Illustrated.  2. I taped the tentacles on in the middle so they would be more numerous but not as long as intended.  I chalk it up to a lesson in "it was fun so it was OK." 

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Christie said...

Henry dictated the directions, hence the blooping. Glad you had fun. Those are great jellyfish!