Saturday, June 9, 2012

Crochet project: Soap Spongie

Not sure what to call this, but I had an idea to make a little crochet sleeve for little bits of soap from all the leftover acrylic yarn I have.  It seems like a useful idea: a little pouch you can put all the crumbling slivers of soap into, and use it as a sponge/washcloth.  Using scraps of soap and scraps of yarn to make something useful?  Doesn't get any more frugal than that.

First attempt:

A cute little pouch, and it will certainly fit the bar of soap from beginning to end. 

The second attempt incorporated a few minor improvements: 

A slightly scalloped edge to bind the edges. Not sure what difference this will make mechanically, but looks a bit fancier.  A looped edge for hanging to dry in the shower.  And a slightly beveled front flap.  I might add in a little button to close it, but that might feel bumpy when showering.

This particular yarn (yes, same for both, different photography conditions.  Need work there I guess) is acrylic, kinda thick, and should hold up well in the shower.

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