Wednesday, June 6, 2012


We used to make these awesome pretzel dogs, with homemade pretzel dough.  The recipe was one I'd bookmarked from a blog.  Then the blog server quit out, and I lost the recipe.  We've tried half a dozen recipes to try to get a good one, when this one found its way to my pinterest view.  It's good.  Really good.

OK, ok, the recipe is really for ham-and-cheese pretzel bites, and that sounds even more awesome.  But we were pressed for time, didn't have any ham, and it was questionable if the girls would eat stuffed pretzels.  So we just used the dough/boiling part.

It was delish.

The ones I made:

The ones the girls made.  Even their "lumps" turned out beautiful, tender and tasty: 

Of course, the girls wanted to do their own "cooking show", consisting of them putting together fairly random amounts of common baking ingredients into a bowl, mixing, tasting excessively, demanding it to be baked, and declaring the product to be delicious.  Sometimes it is. 

Tonight the girls were on the tired side, so they each took the opportunity to test the consistency, integrity, and viscosity of their mixtures on the countertop.  They were engrossed.  Clean up wasn't that bad. 

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