Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Whirly Wednesday: 2 silly stories

Zero picture, two stories. 

In the car: we're singing along to 'Hokey Pokey' from a CD.  When it's over, Erin adds her own verse: 

"You put your testicles in, you put your testicles out....."

Last night when we were playing with our houseguest, Scout the Dog, Robin decided it was the perfect time to do a #2 on the cement.  I ask the girls to hang tight while I get something to clean it up before Scout eats it .... then Scout promptly zooms in.  And she eats it. 

I'm mortified. Erin is devastated and goes into full melt-down mode, fearing for the dog's safety.  Robin laughs. 

ASPCA says not to worry, and as of this morning Scout seems OK.  So we'll just chalk this up as an embarrassing moment for Robin. 

Am I going to regret sharing these stories 12 years from now? Probably.  But it's so worth it. 


Christie said...

So, was it breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack for the dog?

Linnea Westerlind said...

I needed a good laugh. Thank you!

Linnea Westerlind said...

Here's what Evan says about it:
\ \7][-w[[[[[[/\4 \Rjeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee56472
(he's siding with Robin)