Friday, May 18, 2012

The playground is a tough place

Two days ago, we were at the local school playground after dinner to get some of our wiggles out.  Normally it's pretty quite, but since it's Little League season, the playground was packed.  No matter, my girls are so familiar with the terrain they jumped right into play.


Boy 1 and Boy 2 started picking on Robin.  Robin was on the little slide, Erin was 100 yards away on the swings.  I shuffled back and forth between them. Whenever I turned my back to Robin, she started fussing. Boy 1 was always behind her, Boy 2 by Boy 1's side, grinning.  At first, I thought she was taking too long on the slide and Boy 1 was annoyed.  It happens.

Then, protest #4 from Robin had me witnessing Boy 1 kicking her.  With both feet. With a look of grim determination on his face.  The mama bear in me rose up and I demanded of him, "Where is your Mom, Where is your Dad?"  He immediately knew the game was up and slunk away as best he could.  Dad 2 saw this, raced over to intercept Boy 2 and ask what was going on.  I said, "Boy 1 (probably age 6 or so ) was kicking my 2-year-old."  Dad 1 finally clued in that something was going on and chased Boy 1.  Dad 2 apologized profusely.  Dad 1... well, he just wrangled his boy and left.  Oh, during all the bullying Dad 1 and Dad 2 were engrossed in conversation.....

Today, we were at the city park, girls brought their push cars and scooters, again, to get wiggles out.  There's a center grassy area flanked by two playgrounds, one for little 'ins, one for big 'uns.  Around it is a paved path perfect for riding.  Erin was halfway around her first lap when I heard her start crying.  I saw to older folks and a smallish white dog.  I hurried over and asked if Erin was OK ( she was) and the couple assured me she was just startled by the dog, the dog was a reduce and not very well socialized.  Erin finished her lap and collapsed next to me.

She showed me the indentation and the break in the skin on her leg where the dog bit her.

I'm fine with rescue dogs, it's a good cause, it's not the animals fault.  I'm fine with trying to socialize the animal. But at a children's playground?  Where the dog is on a leash, but given enough lead to bite a passing child?  REPEAT:  ALLOWED TO BITE A PASSING CHILD???!?!!?!!


This was a challenging week for the McMillers at the parks.  


John Judy said...

Where? Try Mount Tabor, or any large park in Portland, on any given day. The city even admits on their website that they don't enforce leash laws.

Jenna said...

Not cool. The fact that it's a rescue is irrelevant. Lousy dog owners shouldn't put that out there as an excuse, dooming dogs in shelters because people will be afraid they can't be trained!

I have noticed before that our dog Brody (a rescue) doesn't like skateboards, rollerskates and other such small moving contraptions. He loves people and kids, but not when they whiz by. This did take me by surprise when I first noticed it, but it wasn't a problem, because I never have him on a loose leash, and whenever we pass ANY living thing I tighten up that leash!

Hope Erin is not traumatized!

Sharon and Matt said...

Ummmmmm, did the older couple just flat out lie that their dog bit Erin?? Shame on them! I hope the girls are okay.
P.S. Glad to hear your momma bear stood up for miss Robin too! Way to go!!