Thursday, May 10, 2012

Baby birds

Yesterday, Robin and I were waiting outside a store for it to open.  We noticed, in the dirt next to a bush by the front door, three teeny baby birdies wriggling quietly.

They were teeny.  One was not moving a ton. The sun on their little bodies was already hot, and it was only 9:30.  I looked up into the shrubs above the birdies and spied their nest.  If I stood on my tiptoes, I could reach it.  I turned to the ladies around me, told them what we were looking at.  One quipped, "I heard if you touch the babies the mama won't feed them anymore."  I thought, "So I should just let them die right here and now?"

I said I had to do something.  I scooped them up, one by one, and carefully put them back in their nest.  The other ladies around looked relieved.  I was too.

When we got out of the store a little while later, I saw a mama or daddy bird leaving the nest.  Hopefully the babies are being cared for again.


Darren said...

Good for you.

If some stranger had handed Erin you to after she was born* you would have still taken care of her, right? Nature is smarter than that, sweetie.

*oh wait, that happened! We call them Nurses.

IB Mom said...

The lindsey wildlife museum peeps say that it's fine to put baby birds back into their nest if they've fallen. I hope that the babies are ok!! We have a nest outside our window. :)

Sara said...

An ornithologist's dream come true!

Deena said...

Yes, it is okay to touch baby birds. What the other woman heard is an old wives' tale that it is believed was started by parents to keep children from disturbing bird nests.

I am glad you and Robin spotted the babies and were able to help them. Good for you!