Sunday, May 20, 2012

Brian's Birthday Bash!

Another year, another birthday.  We celebrated over the whole weekend.  Somehow I only really got 3 mediocre pictures.

The celebration on Friday (the actual b-day):
* Presents and cards over morning oatmeal and coffee.
* 5 miler run together when the kids were at school. (don't tell Brian's work!)
* Pizza dinner out on the lawn.  Frozen pizza.  From Safeway.
* 24 oz Mickey's can to go with the pizza.

Lots of shopping to prepare.

Of course, we need chocolate doughnuts to assist during shopping. 

BBQ at the park!  A great turn out of family and a lot of friends, with ice cream cake too!

Of which the girls each had two pieces.

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Christie said...

Happy birthday, Brian!