Tuesday, May 22, 2012

First CSA box

We joined a local CSA last week.  We did this in PDX, but hadn't found one here that was as close as our last one was.  Our drop point is 2 blocks away, on our street.  So with the girls in the bike trailer we rode down the hill for the first pickup. Behold the bounty: 

It's all fruit.  This threw me for a loop.  This time of year, all we'd be getting in the PDX box would be fennel, some lettuce, fennel, one box of strawberries, and more fennel.  We got used to fennel.  This is all fruit.  All drupe fruit.  About 6# of it.  (We'd already eaten about 1/2 the cherries, 7 apricots, and 1 peach by the time we got home.)

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