Saturday, August 29, 2009


Ice Cream in the Park

Said with effort: "Oooh, eh-bee."
(Said when attempting to lift something heavy.)

"Mi-mi, Da-dee."
(Said when I'm in her way. Translation: "Excuse me, Daddy" )

Said with arms crossed across chest for comic affect: "Sooooooo!", as in "So, how's it going?"
(Just like it sounds: being funny.)

Said pointing at Steve our cat: "Seeb! No!!"
(I guess Dr. A and I tell Steve not to do things a lot)


JandC said...

"seeb" "no" we just heard that the other night and now have it translated. Thank you!!!

MissMVK said...

Mr. K and I were *just* talking about how bossy Piglet has gotten with the dog. "Gingee noooooo!! No! No!" and swats the dog away from his high chair. He is SUCH a first child!

MissMVK said...

P.S. Please please say you'll think about having E be Little Orphan Annie for Halloween!!!

John Judy said...

Still more clear than Shannon

Christie said...

Dear Erin,



Kathleen said...

that reminds me of my friend's toddler who she over heard telling someone his name was "nobody" and she felt so bad and then later over heard her older son telling him "No, buddy!" several times. :)