Monday, August 17, 2009

House pictures

We just signed a huge stack of disclosures today. We now know everything there is to know about California real estate law.

Front of house

Living room


Master bedroom

Front bedroom

Back bedroom


Back deck

Rear of house


Zozopdx said...

okay, Brian, you totally downplayed this. are you kidding? it's gorgeous!!!!!

Darren said...

Proper overhangs, a nice galley kitchen, secluded backyard, a little bit mid-century, a little bit hipster.


(Sorry for the haiku; it's late!)

Christie said...

Well done. Looks like the perfect place to raise an Erin Beatrix. Congrats!

Amber said...

I am looooving that backyard! Enjoying the perma-70-degree weather down there is going to be divine... especially when we're all snowed in for weeks at a time this winter! Congrats--job well done!

McRussells said...

Looks great!! Congrats!!

Sara said...

Congratulations! When do you move?

Diane said...

Beautiful yard! Lovely floors! I can't wait to visit.

MissMVK said...


Mary said...

Beautiful! Great find, McMillers!

An attached garage? So grown up. Bet you won't be tearing it down with a sledgehammer.

Christina said...

GORGEOUS!!!!! Holy crap! It's beautiful!