Monday, August 31, 2009

The McMillers Have Given Notice!

See ya, apartment!

We're all lined up on the house purchase:
  • Received final loan approval? Check.
  • Inspection didn't show anything terrifying? Check.
  • House appraised to sale price? Check.
  • All buyers contingencies removed? Check.
  • Given 45-day notice at apartment? Check.
Close date is September 16th, we take ownership September 18th, and we're out of our apartment October 14th.

We'll have a month of overlap where we've got both the house and the apartment. We're going to use the time to schlep all our stuff over to the new place, go through years of crap, and do some minor repairs.

By the way -- this photo from the apartment's website is what we see off of our balcony. I'm definitely going to miss the pool.


Christie said...

Adios pool, hello home ownership! Congrats!

MissMVK said...

Woohoo! Home ownership once again! Gutters for B to clean and toilets to put hot plates on. Oh scratch that last bit. ;) I will still imagine you in your PDX house though until I see you in this one with little miss curly head running around!